We are a clinic specializing in sports injuries and pain in Okinawa Prefecture

If you are suffering from sports injuries or pain in Okinawa Prefecture, please come to our clinic

We are located in Ginowan City in the central part of Okinawa Prefecture.

We are a clinic for athletes as well as the general public

We have opened a clinic for sports injuries and pain

not only for athletes but also for the general public.

All of our staff members are

All of our staff members are nationally certified and experienced therapists.

【Our specialty is】

Sports injuries and pain.

For example, we specialize in

・Shoulder and back pain during training

・Knee, leg and shin pain during running

・Injuries such as twisted ankle

・Rehabilitation of broken bones

・Growing pains (knees and legs) caused by playing sports

【Why Choose Us】

We are the only clinic in Okinawa with a wide range of treatment equipment.

We are the only clinic in Okinawa Prefecture with an abundance of treatment equipment.

We have a wide variety of treatment equipment, the only one of its kind in Okinawa, to accelerate healing, reduce pain, and help you return to sports as soon as possible.

Some of our equipment

Extracorporeal shock wave

AcuScope (micro current thearapy)

Ultrasound for fracture healing (LIPUS: Slow intensity Pulsed pulsed ultrasound )

Extracorporeal shock wave
AcuScope (micro current thearapy)

【Our treatment policy】

We provide treatment and rehabilitation with scientific evidence

We always perform evidence-based examination before treatment.

For example, ultrasonography is a good example.

Ultrasonography has become highly accurate in recent years and does not overlook minute damage to bones and muscles.

Ultrasound examinations of your pain and problem areas

We will find the cause of your pain by ultrasound examination of your pain or problem area.

In addition, we will check your movements to determine the cause of your pain and suggest improvements.

evidemce based treatment


If you have any problems with sports injuries or pain in Okinawa, please contact our clinic once.

We will provide the best treatment and rehabilitation.


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